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Who we are and How do we get codes?

We are the only online service that provides PlayStation®Network (PSN) Codes completely free. We're getting these from our private sponsors. They buy PSN Codes in a bulk at a very cheap price. That is why we are able to provide $50 PlayStation®Network (PSN) Codes completely free. This Giveaway is for our company's promotional purpose. Grab your code today before the stock finishes.

Where can I use the PlayStation®Network Card?

PlayStation®Network (PSN) Cards can only be used on the PlayStation®Network. The PSN Card, when redeemed, will place the full face value of the card into the PlayStation®Wallet. You may use the funds in your Wallet to purchase exclusive games, PS one® Classics, add-on game content, movies*, television shows* for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and the PSP® portable entertainment system.

How do I add funds to a PlayStation®Network Sub Account?

The PlayStation®Network offers many parental controls, including one that sets the monthly spending limit for PlayStation®Network Sub Accounts. All funds for PlayStation®Network Sub Accounts are managed by the associated Master Account. To add funds to a Sub Account, you will need to do so through the Master Account.

What kind of rewards do I earn with the PlayStation®Card?

You’ll rack up 10X points on all your PlayStation®Network purchases... plus you’ll get: 3X points on all PlayStation® and Sony® purchases at Sony stores, and authorized retailers 3X points at quick service restaurants, movie theaters and on your mobile phone bill 1X points on all other purchases
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